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Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics

Summer competitions began to spending every four years by means of the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin since 1896. He regarded that athletes from all over the world should contest in sports, not on the battlefield, concurrently pursuing the purpose to increasing the level of physical training of soldiers serving in the French army. The Olympic Charter was accepted in 1894, which identified the order of the summer competitions; each it was given an ordinal number. The international Olympic Committee chose the city of the games. The first summer games were held in Greek Athens for giving them symbolism, because the Greek Olympia was the location of the competition. In these competitions took part 241 athletes from 14 world countries, 43 sets of medals in nine sports were handed over. From the Athens starting point, the summer Olympics were held continuously, except of the time of the World wars - 

1916, 1940 and 1944. Almost all world powers took part in them. The symbol of the competition are five rings-united together five continents: Africa (black), Australia (green), Europe (blue), America (red), Asia (yellow).

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